Weekly Review: 24th March 2014

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This week didn’t go very well. Only got 15 hours done. I did two sketch dailies for the first time. I worked traditionally, with gouache for the most part. It’s really fun. But then I remembered that Paint Tool Sai existed and I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get that working on my machine on Friday night – so long that I zombied all the way through Saturday getting effectively nothing done. Very much a case of stealing from Peter to pay Paul. Sunday was good though, got a good 5 hours in.

The painting I was working on today I was working on in Sai. This really gives back the immediate feel that I was missing in photoshop, I find there to be something kind of sterile about photoshop, which I don’t get when working traditionally. It’s a feeling I also don’t get in MangaStudio, or Sai, but especially Sai. So I’ll be sticking to digital for sure, now that I’ve remembered that this exists.

This month’s imaginefx has a bunch of great articles, it’s a really good issue. In particular though there’s a several page article on CA.org, dA, CGSociety and others, interviewing their founders. And they all made a similar point that communities respond to you about in proportion to the extend to which you engage with them. My attitude has always been I put stuff up, and if the community responds to it then I have permission to engage. Guess I was putting the cart very much before the horse. I’ll have to make an effort over the next while to engage with the various communities. It’d be really nice to feel comfortable on one of those sites. Impostor syndrome is the worst :P


Hourly breakdown

  1. Sketch Daily (Beaker)
  2. Sketch Daily (Beaker)
  3. Sketch Daily (Beaker)
  4. Sketch Daily (Tarzan)
  5. Sketch Daily (Tarzan)
  6. Sketch Daily (Tarzan)
  7. Sketch Daily (Tarzan)
  8. Sketch Daily (Tarzan) – This was an absolute disaster.
  9. Gouache practice
  10. Gouache practice
  11. Portrait
  12. Portrait
  13. Portrait
  14. Portrait
  15. Portrait