Weekly Review: 17th March 2014

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So last week’s work was dominated by head studies. It was really nice to see forward progress on that single topic. So I think I’m going to theme weeks, so I can get in to the groove better, and make sure different subject areas get enough study. So week two is environments / props.

I didn’t manage to get the full 25 hours done this week, an unproductive weekend cut it down to twenty. So next week I’ll try for 25 hours again. Next week is also the last week of CGMA courses, so I think I’m going to be moving over to traditional media primarily. I’m very conflicted over this – most people online are working digitally, but I really enjoy working traditionally. I think it’ll overall be best if I work on what I like the most. From Greg Manchess’ various interviews and muddy colors posts it seems that is definitely what he recommends. And who am I to argue with that?

Hourly breakdown:

  1. Environment design studies
  2. Environment comp studies
  3. Prop design exercise
  4. Prop design finishing (inked terribly, construction was way off. required exercises: inking drills, more careful construction of complicated forms involving intersection forms)
  5. Inking practice – to help with finishing pieces.
  6. Environment design practice
  7. Environment drawing
  8. Environment drawing
  9. Environment inking
  10. Environment inking
  11. Environment inking
  12. Portfolio piece (Queen Tron)
  13. Portfolio piece (Queen Tron)
  14. Portfolio piece (Queen Tron)
  15. Portfolio piece (Queen Tron)
  16. Portfolio piece (Queen Tron)
  17. Portfolio piece (Queen Tron)
  18. Portfolio piece (Queen Tron)
  19. Portfolio piece (Queen Tron)
  20. Portfolio piece (Queen Tron)