Weekly Review: 10th March 2014

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First week of tracking hours down. It’s hugely productive. Definitely going to continue this. Next week I’m going to try to do 25 hours, with 10 hours on portfolio work. Currently the main thing I’m working on is a character design piece.


Hourly work breakdown:

  1. Portfolio piece work (Snow White)
  2. Colour comp studies
  3. Loomis head studies
  4. Head painting one of the studies. This went terribly. Need to do more: master studies (understand the colours used in successful portraiture), two-three value comic-style paintings (understand the forms better). Fan art (Practice the application of given color schemes to given models without having to worry about design)
  5. Loomis head studies (Started using an anatomy book to figure of the whys with regards to the way the construction is presented)
  6. Loomis head studies
  7. Master cartooning study
  8. Portfolio work (Queen Tron)
  9. Portfolio work (Queen Tron)
  10. Portfolio work (Queen Tron)
  11. Portfolio work (Queen Tron)
  12. Portfolio work (Queen Tron)
  13. Portfolio work (Queen Tron)
  14. Portfolio work (Queen Tron)
  15. Portfolio work (Queen Tron)
  16. Portfolio work (Queen Tron)
  17. Loomis head studies
  18. Head online life-drawing
  19. Master study
  20. Master study