A wild plan appears

Posted by on Mar 10, 2014 in Blog, The Quest | No Comments

So I’ve spent the day and a bit since the last blog post paralyzed by the scale of this whole thing. So this post is a kind of attempt to get everything straight in my head, and a form plan that isn’t terrifying. I work full time, Monday through Friday, which is a huge portion of the non-sleeping hours of the week allocated. And I really can’t cut back on sleep, not over the time frame in question. I’m trying to figure out how many hours of work I can get in a week. I’m defining an hour as a solid hour of work, done without interruption, using a timer, and with at most music in the background (no movies or videos or podcasts).

If I went for 10 hours a week it could look like Saturday / Sunday : 4 hours, Wednesday : 2 hours. That is supremely achievable, but I don’t think it’s enough raw work.

At 20 hours a week it might look like Saturday / Sunday : 5 hours, Monday – Friday : 2 hours. This is looking more reasonable. About half the time I have when I get home is devoted to concentrated study, and a totally achievable 5 hours per weekend day is as well. It wouldn’t even really impact social commitments at all really.

I could possibly go for 30 hours a week. Sat / Sunday : 8 hours. Monday – Friday : ~3 hours. If Monday – Friday were structured as an hour of studies in the morning before work, then the after work time remains largely the same as the 20 hour schedule. The big difference is the number of hours required over the weekends.

The more hours I do, the better my odds are, everything else considered. But it’s the total number of hours I do over the next year, not the number of hours I go in one given week. So I don’t think I’ll be able to hop right into the 30 hour schedule. I’m going to start tomorrow with the 20 hour schedule.

So my plan for book keeping and accountability on this is I’m going to make a draft blog post at the beginning of the week, titled with the date of that Monday, and make a table of all the planned hours of concerted work. I’ll update that draft as work progresses and publish it on the Sunday evening, along with any notes I have on how I think things are going. I think next week, once I have the routine somewhat under way, I’m going to need to plan out a schedule for the 40ish pieces that need doing. It’s going to be roughly one a week, but I need to order and organize.

Anyway, to bed with me. Tomorrow I’m in 20 hour mode.